There’s something magical about warm food coming to your table when it’s 40 degrees or less outside.

This feeling is one that I adore ever since fall weather started and a feeling I’ll hold onto until the last cool spring day.

I’ve listed some amazing foods you can find around town that gives your soul & body a big sweater-y warm hug.

  • Lamplighter’s Brown Sugar latte – This local coffee joint is my Sunday morning spot. My girlfriend and friend gather around a small table at the Morris Street location, sip on coffees, nibble on breakfast goods (Soy Chorizo breakfast sandwich is my jam) and talk about movies, music and political shenanigans. The brown sugar latte is perfectly sweet, but does not compromise the classic Lamplighter bean flavor. The badass blonde with glasses makes them the best (Morris location).
  • Pork Shoulder Green Chili at Rancho T – Clear your sinuses right up with this Latin-inspired stew made with fatty pork shoulder, tangy tomatillo, plump hominy & flat crispy tostada chip. Sometimes, I find it spicier than other visits, but it never disappoints. $5 cup / $8 bowl
  • Squash Casserole from Comfort – It reminds me of growing up in Texas – like a post-church potluck that makes me feel absolutely nostalgic. Comforting, buttery and full of hearty vegetable flavor, this side is one to double up on… and order to-go as well.


  • Matzo Ball soup at Perly’s – When I started hooking up with this Jewish standard (my favorite term, “Jewish Penicillin”) last year, I didn’t realize the addiction that would follow. This soup is amazing – the warm dumpling-like Matzo ball is huge and sits happily among perfectly seasoned broth, carrots, onions and huge chunks of savory chicken. $4 cup / $8 bowl
  • Chorizo tacos from Don’t Look Back – I love my spice and I also love tacos, DLB combines both loves with their chorizo tacos – I get them on corn tortillas, traditional style. Something about them is slightly sweet – maybe a dash of cinnamon – and perfectly heated. $3 for one
  • Black Bean soup at Kuba Kuba – The packed dining room, full of Fan body heat helps keep any cold day manageable, but their simple Black Bean soup is another thing. Protein-packed black beans are simmered in a savory broth and topped with lime sour cream, chopped onions, peppers and a side of warm cornbread. Add a little hot sauce and you’re talking my language. $1.95 cup / $3.95 bowl
  • Ramen from Shoryuken Ramen – Any way you choose, whether it’s their classic with Shio (sea salt) broth or Tonkotsu bone broth, Will Richardson and his team work magic with each bowl. My go-to? The Shoryuken Classic with Spicy Garlic Miso, chicken and add pickled mushrooms. $10IMG_1001.JPG

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