Naturally, we’re starting our journey with one of our favorite Richmond-based breweries …


This place holds a soft spot in our hearts since its where we first met – in August one of my co-workers set up a group date during the release of their Blackberry Wheat – the day was great, we sat at a picnic table under trees, sipped beer, and quietly developed huge crushes for one another. The rest is history.

Getting back to the beer, now that the GBS frenzy is over, Hardywood’s released a Raspberry Stout that encompasses light notes of chocolate, a sweet taste of raspberry, and the classic malty flavor of a stout. While it’s not the Christmas-y taste of Gingerbread Stout, it’s still great.  Limit yourself on these – you’ll feel pretty full and “loose”

What We Had: A Raspberry Stout ($6) and Gingerbread Stout ($6). Both were bold but not overwhelmingly heavy.  The slight taste of sweet gingerbread paired with spicy notes is an amazing balance with malty stout. On a fruitier note, sweet raspberry and slightly bitter chocolate flavors were memorable. Both make a great sipping beer, but would compliment just about any dessert to perfection.

Flight: 4 for $12 – due to the thievery of their wooden flight paddles, they are offering $3 half pours.

Ashleigh’s words of bishiness: The infamous Gingerbread Stout! Makes me smile like a kid on Christmas morning with every sip. (Not an exaggeration)

Other mentions: Hardywood is much more than a place that brews beers – Sunday they’ve got yoga (calling it Brewasana), Thursday is Food Truck Court, and weekends are for live music (last weekend we saw Christi here, they’re amazing).

Next one on the list? Ardent Craft Ales.



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