When Hardywood’s Gingerbread Stout made it’s famous debut this season, my girlfriend and I became instant fans of the highly-acclaimed beer – we made it to the brewery most weekends, we stalked local markets and grocery stores to see if they had GBS on their shelves, and my artsy lady even drew up a commemorate piece to proclaim our love for the stuff.


Now that the GBS has cycled out of production, we’ve become quite a pair of beer connoisseurs…in one of the best cities for local (and great) beer. We both love the smoothness of a hefeweizen, the hoppy bite of an IPA, and the deep malty flavor of a stout.

We also love a challenge.

This is why we’re setting out and planning a Brewery Challenge – two girls, 1 state, and 133 breweries (133, yep) all in 1 year.

Here are the specifics we’ll cover:

Where we went
What we got
Price of a tasting flight
A clever and honest one sentence description from my sassy lady

(of course, we’ll mention off the cusp bits and pieces that might come our way)

Cheers …

p.s. – Ahem, the “bish” reference? It’s only a loving term my lady coined. She’s great.


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