No matter if you’re a master in the kitchen or your cooking skills are ho-hum, it’s likely your meals, preparation and eating habits shift with the different phases in your life.

For me, childhood was filled with homemade Texas-style meals made with love by my parents (yep, both of them). In college, it was heaps of creamy chicken ramen, grilled zucchini on the George Foreman, and many Coors Lights. Shifting to being in a relationship for quite some time, I became a ninja in our beautiful kitchen. Most meals were made with the help of Pinterest, my two hands, and something that’d make my girlfriend happy (think mac & cheese, vanilla bean cake, and enchiladas).

Now that I’m single, lots has changed, including eating and cooking.

In my recent short-term sublet, I had trouble befriending my small Fan kitchen. Although I made a crack pie and baked chicken, I wasn’t ready to get back into it again. The act of cooking had so many emotional strings attached to it I wasn’t ready to face.

After too many Lean Cuisine’s, bowls of Special K Red Berries, and bland salads, I grew bored. And thin.

Once I moved into my new place (with one sexy looking kitchen), I’m starting to re-learn the joy of cooking again.

So what does one eat when they’re single? Well, this is the part I’m slowly discovering. I’ve adjusted my recipes and portions to steer away from huge and extravagant meals but I still aim to make something that makes me happy, satisfied, and feeling good.

greens + quinoa + other stuff = awesome

In my hunt for single people foods (of course, this means getting lost in my new grocery store plenty of times) I’ve discovered Quinoa has been a great foundation for meals. If you’re interested, here are some easy creations I’m obsessing over at the moment …

Quinoa + red apple + dried cranberry + red onion + blue cheese + balsamic + pepper

Chopped kale + quinoa + hard-boiled egg + avocado + sun-dried tomato + almonds + goat cheese + oil + vinegar

Baby greens + quinoa + black beans + tomato + avocado + shredded cheddar + Catalina dressing + Greek yogurt + crushed blue corn chips

Greek yogurt + quinoa + fresh berries + honey

The discovery of creating food just for me has been a learning process (like most recent events have) and something that I’ll look back on with a smile. Everyday, a new kitchen tool unearths, a new idea incorporates into my meal, and my inner kitchen maven returns.


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