The fancy name is commonly called Dinner Party while others would call it “hanging out and food”. For me, I call it Dinner With Friends.

A dinner at my house is a special occasion in my book.

The days leading up, I scour my worn Bon Appétit magazines for the perfect (and easy) meal to make for my friends. I pick the wine, prep the playlist (more on this below), purposefully mismatch the table settings, and manage to vacuum all the dog hair off of the floor.

Two dinners ago, I made bone-in baked chicken, roasted butternut squash, asparagus, and a pie – simple and easily liked.  Last weekend, it was bread pudding made with fluffy Italian bread, fresh parmesan, and broccoli rabe. It ended with a warm apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

Throughout the night, bottles of wine accumulate on the kitchen island, conversations span from the latest Vine to profound and deep issues. At times, things get whimsical (or tipsy) where I’ve broken out my tarot cards and even unearthed my hookah. You never know what can happen when good food, good wine, and good vibes are going.

My latest dinner with friends obsession? The music. Besides the food, this is the one thing that can make a dining experience epic or hum-drum.  I’m a big fan of expanding my mind so any (and all) genre so it should be no surprise my last playlist included The Rolling Stones, The Shins, Pixies, Tegan & Sara, Madeleine Peyroux, and of course, Van Morrison.  Find my playlist here or below.

However you do it, whether it’s a pizza delivery, a themed dinner, or bring your own dish-syle, there’s something fuzzy and warm about friends gathering in your home to enjoy … everything.




2 thoughts on “DINNER WITH FRIENDS

  1. Marcella @ broadappetite.com says:

    Your savory bread pudding sounds delicious. Tommy and I recently made it a point to have people over for dinner once a week. It’s important to make an effort to stay connected, but so easy to let the weeks, months, and years pass by without reaching out to your friends. Lovely piece!


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