There’s an easy way to get a room riled up around this time of year. Opinions clash when folks hash out the “right” way to do Thanksgiving. These conversations guarantee a friendly argument stemming from deep-rooted heritage that just cannot be broken.

I’m guilty of this.

Thanksgiving for my family always started early – my grandmother rose at dawn to prep a fresh pot of Folgers and make sure there was enough V8 juice for her family that still lay sound asleep. By 11, women would buzz around the kitchen taking quality time to craft every dish with love. The grandchildren would run about and the men would shuffle in and out of the house to putz around in my grandfather’s sawdust-drenched workshop.

Very Norman Rockwell. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

After laboring in the warm kitchen for hours, our large oak table was filled with a colorful spread of Butterball turkey, candied yams, soft white rolls, French’s green bean casserole, canned cranberry sauce, and the most savory dressing (we call it dressing, not stuffing) ever. Pumpkin and pecan pie waited in the wings along with fresh whip cream, hot coffee, and homemade pralines.

When comparing my own turkey day meal, people are shocked (sometimes confused) to find mashed potatoes, homemade citrus cranberry sauce, and mac-n-cheese missing from the menu.

In a world of embracing new experiences, food, and trends, we are insanely devoted to our Holiday rituals. In the spirit of branching out (and the fact that I’ll be on my own this Thanksgiving), I’ve come across several recipes and tips on how to put a fabulous spin on all the classics.

Click here to read the rest … I write more than just here!


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