Dear Whole Foods,

Some might get frustrated at me for this. You know, the folks that think Whole Foods is a hispter-mecca-cash-cow or the others that turn their nose since you’re a chain grocer. There will also be others that argue that I can find the same experience and selection at Ellwood Thompson’s in Carytown, plus I’d be supporting local businesses.  That’s entirely valid but my 5 minute drive to Whole Foods vs. 20 minute drive to Ellwood’s makes it convenient.

I’m really not concerned because I love you. Yes, I love you, Whole Foods.

To be quite honest, I don’t go to you for my routine Sunday grocery shopping trip, if I did, I might be a little broke. But I’m there, in your store, at least once a week. Anything can bring me in from “oh crap I need a gift”, your awesome health and body section, to a crack-like craving for your salad bar. I feel bad to even call it a salad bar, hell, let’s call it the salad smorgasbord of awesomeness.

Although you satisfy my every need, what really makes me come back is your staff and service.  Your employees are pretty rad.  Unlike the 95% retailers and restaurants I visit, I actually get the vibe that your Whole Foods team likes working there. Travesty!  To like your job so much that you converse with the patron, offer suggestions, a smile?! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Your people are awesome.  I’ve never run into someone at your store that acted above (or below) me.  On my most recent trip, I was looking for new body wash for my girlfriend and I – specifically one with a woodsy-lavender smell.  While searching the shelf, one of your team member’s came up to me and started a conversation, not a stale standard “can I help you” response, but a warm and natural “hey there, you doing good? Anything I can help you find?” After he listened to what I wanted, he pointed me to two options, one that his girlfriend used (which was a little too floral-y for me), and the other they actually use there in their showers at the store.  This guy knew exactly what he was talking about and had connection with both products.  While thanking him for my new $10 body wash (proceeds going to raise funds for community projects in West Africa & trade free certified = feeling good), I realized I needed some more incense.  He directed me to the newly moved incense section and helped me pick a new one.  He never said, “you should get this, it smells good”  instead, he told me about the guy that makes these particular sticks in New Mexico, how seriously he takes the craft, and he blesses each stick.  Sold.

This guy took his time listening.

Your store is exceptional and your employees are a beam of hope, reigniting the faith that customer service is not a lost art.

Thank you times infinity.

Truly Yours,

Grub like a girl.

p.s. – Whole Foods Market is selling pies for 10 bucks through the 14th.  They’ll also be hosting a Pie Walk & Tasting this Saturday, July 6th from 11am to 1pm.

Who: You eating pie!

What: Pie Walk & Tasting

When: Saturday, July 6th 11am-1pm

Where: Short Pump Whole Foods Market, 11173 W Broad St  Glen Allen, VA 23060

Join in the Pie Walk fun and you could win a free pie! A Pie Walk is just like a traditional cake walk but with PIES! Pie Walks will be held every 15 minutes, starting at 11am. And, there will be plenty of pie sampling happening too.



  1. meg | says:

    i totally agree. i can’t afford to do absolutely all of my shopping at whole foods, but every time i go in i leave happy. they really have fantastic customer service – from the people on the floor to the cashiers to the awesome guy who totally saved my ass in the floral department 🙂


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