Alamo1It’s been over two years since I U-Hauled it from the Lone Star State and finally discovered my little piece of Texas heaven right here in the River City.

For it is Alamo BBQ that’s solved my homesick slump.

This non-discreet joint (complete with barbecue pit in back) sits on the intersection of Jefferson and 22nd St that serves barbecue so good it makes my eyes water with nostalgic warmth. Alamo has been on my radar for some time but after hearing glorious things about their jalapeno mac & cheese, I made it a point grab dinner there last weekend.

Alamo’s exterior certainly mimics the [legitimate] Alamo with small-scale mission stylings, including a clay-tiled roof. There’s no indoor seating, so you’ll find yourself dining under a tent-covered patio, making you feel like you’re at a BBQ. Although I appreciate fancy-fied dining time to time, casual outside joints like Alamo have a cherished place in my heart (along with recent episodes of “The Little Couple”).

As the weather warms, the patio flourishes with all kinds of folks (babies, hipsters, the Lilly Pulitzer-types) all to eat something amazing. Although you’d think during cold months would hinder traffic, Alamo keeps it rocking with delivery. Yes, barbecue delivery.

You won’t find paper menu’s here, just a large menu board boasting barbecue favorites (think ribs, brisket, slaw, and cornbread) and Tex-Mex fused offerings such as tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. Their fish tacos have a passionate following claiming Alamo’s is the best – beating almost any other competition. Vegetarian? Not a problem, Alamo’s got a tasty bbq portabella that can substitute meat on nearly everything.

Alamo3After placing my order with a friendly guy at the counter, he runs my Houston Astro’s-logoed card and takes notice. He tells me the owner is also from Texas, I smile.

Sometimes I want it all (unleashing my inner Veruca Salt) so the Texas Train Wreck ($6.95) was a perfect fit. No, the Texas Trainwreck doesn’t refer to Anna Nicole Smith but instead a collaboration of all things barbecue served in perfect harmony – your choice of meat all served over beans, jalapeño mac & cheese, and cornbread topped with jalapeño and onions. I’m not sure how someone could hate this, the smoky flavors and spice are perfectly aligned with what my taste buds want.

My girl, on the other hand, had a different experience. She liked her mac & cheese ($2.25), loved her cornbread ($1.95) found her pulled pork sandwich ($4.95) to be … too smoky. When she said this, I gave her a look of disgust (sorry, baby). Barbecue meat is the mother of all things smoky so this was puzzling. Although her reaction was slightly devastating, it was okay because it meant that I could finish her sandwich, which was amazing. The bread was soft and sweet, pork was tender, and … smoky.
If you still have room for post dinner sweets, Alamo offers Southern favorites: pecan, key lime, and peanut butter pie (all $3.25/slice), brownies ($2.45), and cornbread with honey butter ($1.95)– menu says it’s like corn birthday cake. Brilliant.

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