Chicken Fiesta 1After dropping off my girl’s Jeep at the dealership for a good ‘ol oil change one evening, a quick Yelp search directed me to a nearby restaurant with a cult-like following. It was only a mile away, a place called Chicken Fiesta, and I was sold.
After circling a diverse strip mall consisting of an indoor swim school, Cici’s Pizza, and Dollar Tree, we found the place indiscreetly nestled among the random stores.
Once we walked inside, we were happily greeted by chipper staff and a delicious smell that I wish Glade Plug-In’s could capture. The girls at the counter were eager to take our order and answer any questions we had. Judging from the multiple to-go and pick up orders, as well as the filled tables around me, I felt like I had just discovered something amazing.
The decor is nothing fancy but who cares when they have a wood burning fire that flames roasting chickens? Here, you order at the counter but the staff is extremely attentive so don’t feel like you can’t get any help once you’re seated.
Their specialty? Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken that’s been slow roasted over wood and charcoal. I’ve had my share of rotisserie chicken and there’s something about Chicken Fiesta’s that’s incredibly juicy and savory, beating any competition. If you just want chicken, you’re able to get it whole ($14.25), half ($8), or quarter ($6). Pretty cheap considering you also get two sides. Besides rotisserie chicken, they also have Tex-Mex favorites like enchiladas ($8.95), carne asada ($11.95), and grilled salmon ($10.95). If you can’t decide, they’ve also got combo plates.
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3 thoughts on “CHICKEN FIESTA

  1. Michael says:

    I ❤ this place… They have 2 locations and 1 is 2 blocs from me… I walk there once every week… Definatley the best tex mex I've had.


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