I have beef. Major beef.

Over time I’ve let it slide and calmly (and slightly annoyed) accepted it. It wasn’t until I was handed a shot glass sized cup (ok, a little exaggeration) at a local barbecue joint that ignited my festering frustration.

When I order water, give me a normal cup. That is all.

I don’t think I’m alone in this. No grownup wants a baby cup. Just because I choose to consume water instead of carbonated chemical crap doesn’t mean you hand me a flimsy plastic 4 oz cup.

In true Stephanie Tanner fashion “how rude!”.

And I believe in karma, so I promise if you give me a “normal” cup, I won’t sneak a soda. It ain’t my style.

So when you place a rinkydink cup in my hand that holds 3 gulps, I’m going to ask for the same cup other customers get. And if its a problem, I might just bring my own.




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