lunch2Lunch: one of the most nostalgic meals of the day for most.  As a kid, it was a simple sandwich or (for me) a Lunchable and a cold Mondo (so 90′s).  Now, it’s whatever is convenient – a quick bite out, a salad you’ve successfully thrown together, or leftovers.

Opening up last Spring in Scott’s Addition, Lunch looks to capture the no frills, essential meal of the day. Although the name might imply they’re only serving up midday meals, Lunch serves all day – breakfast, lunch (surprised?), and dinner.  The menu’s split up into an a.m. (breakfast) and p.m. (lunch and dinner).  This is a bonus, there’s no tricky overpriced dinner menu here.

Lunch has a dive-ish feel with a eat-in kitchen setup.  The black and white colors, open back kitchen, and tight fitting tables make for a cool and casual atmosphere.

Everything on the menu seemed to call my name, nearly all offerings were aligned with my own favorite flavors and the prices were impressive.  Their specialty?  Of course the traditional lunch staple – sandwiches.  Around 17 ranging from the Scott’s Addition ($9.5) – burger or chicken topped with pulled pork, cheese, slaw, and BBQ sauce to the Locomotive 231 ($8.5) an open faced meatloaf sandwich served on Texas toast adorned with cheese and tomato glaze.

Wind up here in a.m.? Breakfast basics reign here like egg sandwiches ($4 – $6.5), omelettes ($6.5 – $7.5), steak & eggs ($12) and something called the Train Wreck ($8.5) biscuits topped with sausage, gravy, eggs, and cheese.

Back to dinner … I was feeling like a lady and chose a cup of roasted red pepper and Gouda bisque ($5) and the Full House salad ($9) lettuce, tomato, mushroom, hard boiled egg, onion, smoked turkey, pulled BBQ pork, and bacon with Cannon’s Pig Paint BBQ Vinaigrette. Whew.

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