I started to take notice when Dickey’s Barbecue Pit appeared on Broad Street. It wasn’t until I heard Chuy’s was opening a location in Short Pump (April 9th) that I realized Texas generated restaurants are making their way to the East Coast.

This is exciting folks! Finally a [potentially] good Mexican restaurant – something that RVA’s been lacking since… well, forever.

A little background on Chuy’s .. A Texas born chain of Tex-Mex eateries, its first location opened in ATX (Austin) and served up badass burritos, beer marinated fajitas, margaritas, and a plethora of signature sauces (the Creamy Jalapeno is not to be missed). Since then, they’ve spread to 8 states including Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Finding a home in Short Pump Village will be cause for some serious hour long waits and cramped parking lots, but I’m hopeful the food will be exciting for Richmonder’s that haven’t experienced decent (or real) Tex Mex.

What is Tex-Mex you ask? Even though its definition is highly arguable, the simple explanation is this – Mexican cuisine adapted and influenced by Southwest American culture and ingredients. It seems easy right? But blending Mexican and American flavors to pump out good grub is trickier than it seems. Hearty meat sauces, liberal cheese toppings, and an emphasis on bold spices are standards for real Tex Mex.

You won’t find stale bagged tortillas or jarred salsa here. Chuy’s hand rolls tortillas (yes – all day), cranks out fresh salsa, and fire roasts Anaheim chilies for stellar Chile Rellenos. This authentic “made with love” taste is classic Tex-Mex but might spoil some taste buds (but in a good way).

Although I’m stupidly thrilled, I’m still cautious. As with many chains, its easy for decreased quality, crappy service, and flavors to diminish from the original taste.

With this being a new kid on the block, give it a try. You just might love it. Check out updates and upcoming events here … https://www.facebook.com/ChuysRVA

And a quick tip… [for god’s sake] please don’t order “cheese dip”, it’s called “queso”.

Chuy’s will be at 11229 West Broad Street (in West Broad Village)


6 thoughts on “TEXAS TRENDING

  1. Chris says:

    Really? Another formula restaurant opening by some investors who just want to take your money. No mexican in town? You should support La Milpa. The best trompo(spit) of al pastor meat around. Salsas… 4 or 5 fresh ones including an awesome advocado verde.


    1. grub like a girl says:

      I know, I know – its a chain, and I’m no fan of these.

      For me, Chuy’s is pretty decent (from what I remember) but more so nostalgia from my home state.

      I’ll absolutely give La Milpa a try – thanks for the suggestion.


      1. laurie says:

        The fish tacos are amazing! And the drunken beans! Delish. It seems like En Su Boca got off to a rough start but both times I’ve been, the food is incredible. And the service was much better the second time. 🙂


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