Richmond has its landmarks, regal Monument Avenue, Belle Isle, and the steep inclines in Church Hill.  Its city skyline, viewed from Legend Brewery is another list topper.

Legend viewHolding honor as Richmond’s oldest (and largest) microbrewery, Legend’s seems to preserve its classic and timeworn decor.  Forget swanky urban textures and design – Legend’s keeps it old school with chunky wooden tables, 80’s pizzeria-style booths, and hanging flags (even a Betsy Ross American flag).  There’s a sense of 90’s grunge meets fisherman’s wharf. Maybe it’s the boat hanging from the ceiling, the lined mugs boasting regular’s names, or the plethora of flannel.

Here, you can tour the brewery, bask in the glorious sun on the outside patio (stellar view, too), or dine inside.  When warm weather settles in, I imagine this place is packed.

Legend’s updated their menu last Monday, one day later, I was there to give it a try.  Since I knew this place was no frills, I wasn’t expecting anything extravagant – and I was exactly right.  Legend’s food has the priority of complementing their hearty microbrews with offerings like burgers, fish and chips, and bratwurst.

The updated menu offers a few new options like peel and eat shrimp, fish tacos, and fresh sandwiches.

My friend chose the pesto chicken sandwich (around $10) and I set my taste buds on the Avocado Ranch black bean burger ($9.49 + .50 black bean sub).  We both thought the fried brussel sprouts sounded too good to pass up so we both chose them for our side.

My burger was ho-hum, the bun was plump and sweet, the black bean flavor was hearty but I noticed the few avocado slices had sat out too long since they were dark green and chewy.  I love avocados and was disappointed this burger lacked my favorite part.  I’d a sucker for avocado anything. Anything.

Legend sproutsThe fried brussel sprouts were brilliant.  A little weary that the “fried” part would overwhelm with a thick grease, I found myself pleasantly surprised to still see the bright green hue of the brussel sprouts and taste its earthiness. Parts of the sprouts were lightly fried, which gave a nice salty punch.  Together with my malty Hopfest brew, the flavors were pleasantly harmonious.

Other sides like the german potato salad and brown ale bacon sauerkraut sounds kick ass.

Although the food wasn’t prodigious, the atmosphere and local brews made up for a standard pub-like menu.

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One thought on “LEGEND BREWERY

  1. plhuyoung says:

    It’s awesome in the summer! Pretty views of Richmond’s skyline…I get my bar food crave on here and always go for these beer battered hotdog nugget things with a good beer!


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