SELBA (closed)

Selba’s one of those restaurants I’ve always passed when driving down Cary Street.  One of those places I’ve always meant to go try.  It wasn’t until a friend’s recommendation prompted me to give it a [real] try.

20130215-204601.jpgLocal RVA eateries are taking pride on serving patrons local produce, meats, and ingredients – Selba’s no stranger to this movement.

Other than the food and location, Selba excels with admirable service. Our waiter was kind and genuinely friendly, this [unfortunately] is something rarely experienced from other independent RVA eateries.  Oh, I wish I could name them off.

I envisioned Selba’s ambiance to be eclectic and homey. My expectation was proved inaccurate once we walked into the open space where I found the white linen tables and neatly tiled floors (squeaky clean) to be surprisingly traditional. So traditional, they even have a pianist and a cigar lounge.  Even though pianos and smoking rooms aren’t “my thing”,  it’s a nice change from other hipster-ish restaurants (I like these, too).  If it works, it works. In contrast to the conservative front of house, they have a gorgeous garden room tucked in the back of the large building.  It reminds me of The Planet (L Word) meets a Tiffany lamp warehouse.  I imagine this room is swarming at brunch (or any meal for that matter).

20130215-204608.jpgMy girlfriend and I landed at Selba for an early Saturday dinner. By the time we were feasting on our main course, the bar, dining room, and foyer were alive with a buzz of hungry Richmonders.

We began with the Mazza Platter ($9). With feta spread, tempande, tatziki, hummus, and pita, this starter can appeal to almost any palate.  It was simple and fresh but nothing extraordinary.  Other starters listed on the menu sounded stunning like the Baked Brie Encroute ($12) – brie, pastry, plum preserves, and apple and Roasted Carrot & Sage Sausage Flatbread ($11) –  carrot puree, sage sausage, brie, Fontina, and sherry wine vinegar reduction.

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