20130130-182941.jpgEver been to a place that feels so cozy and warm that you don’t want to leave (and no, I’m not talking about your last clingy relationship)? Come though the lush velvet curtain at the front of the restaurant, take a look around the large dining room at Heritage and you’ll find the feeling’s mutual.

Heritage is a newbie to the RVA restaurant scene and has made its mark on a few “best of” lists and rightfully so.  This Fan eatery serves up polished food by a cordial staff.

The team behind Heritage should not go unmentioned – Chef Joe Sparatta (of Pasture) and wife Emilila have teamed up with Richmond’s top mixologist, Mattias Hägglund to form what can only be described as a Fan Restauranteur dream team.

Exposed brick, snugly fit tables, and dark woods are all drenched with distinguished Richmond style.

20130130-182923.jpgMentionable starters are the pimento croquettes ($4) that are warm and light with tangy notes of creamy pimento cheese.  Got a bar-b-que jones?  Heritage has got you covered with pork fries ($4) – pulled pork fried up and served with bbq sauce and house pickles.  My pick?  A butternut squash soup ($7) with pear and duck confit – the flavors are pleasantly intense and hearty.

All served with impressive presentation, Heritage’s entrees taste even better than they look (and they look pretty damn sexy).  The hanger steak (at $19 is a steal) is cooked to perfection and served with a potato puree so creamy and cheesy that you may attempt to duplicate this at home – don’t try…you won’t win.

The chicken ($16) is a clear crowd pleaser that’s incredibly juicy and served on top of bacon brussel sprouts and cheesy grits – mine was a little on the dry side but others at my table didn’t find the same.

Service here is exceptional. Our server (I’ve had him twice now) was knowledgeable, patient, and offered food suggestions that were a clear winner.  No bougie “I’m above you” attitude from the staff here.Dessert is not to be forgotten.  No enormous Cheesecake Factory portions here – the chef creates delicate and simple sweets like the Vanilla Bean Cheesecake ($6) that defies the conception of  a sugary triangular cheesecake slice.  Real dollops (pillows, even) of vanilla cheesecake infused with lemon curd graze the small dessert plate.
Heritage is one new restaurant not to be missed.  I mean it.

Heritage on Urbanspoon


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