I was pleased to see a new (local chain) BBQ eatery close to home.

Like most BBQ restaurants, this also had a order-at-the-counter setup. I was disappointed to place my food order with the most UNenthusiastic cashier ever.  I even went back to Q a second time this week and had the same experience with a different cashier.  It was obvious they didn’t want to be at work – very awkward, very annoying.

The menu selection was impressive and I was thrilled to see collard greens, corn pudding, and mac & cheese as sides.

The meat is served sans sauce and you have about 4 different squeeze bottles waiting at your table to choose from, including a bottle of vinegar so you can get your Carolina style fix.  Hush puppies were the best I’ve had.  Greens and corn pudding was a nice change from basic slaw and potato salad (they offer this, too).

I’ll definitely go back for the food, but also in hopes for more enthusiasm from the staff.

Q Barbeque on Urbanspoon


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