The Virginia State Fair has come atlas! This annual affair is one event you can fully embrace the art of people watching and glorified gluttony. The State Fair is filled with the types of people you’d only encounter at….a State Fair.

Besides the colorful crowd, the State Fair is a joyous occasion for any foodie and fatty alike.  With fried this and breaded that, there’s no reason to calorie count when it comes this ample smorgasbord comes to town once a year.

Last night, my girlfriend, her brother and sister all made the short drive to the Meadow Event Park. I was surprised and impressed by the parking organization, short lines at the ticket booths (and rides, too), and overall cleanliness – much unlike the last South Texas State Fair I’d been to back home.

After purchasing our tickets, we immediately flocked to the food stands and settled on the one with the longest line…of course.  Here, options ranged from fried mac n’ cheese to pulled pork parfaits (pork, bbq sauce, and mashed potatoes) and doughnut burgers.  I was feeling a little plain and stuck to the simplicity of a turkey sandwich (freshly sliced) and fries. I was lucky enough to get a bite of doughnut burger from my gf’s sister.  Impressed and attracted by the combination of the sweet doughnut, the saltness of the beef, and the crunch of the bacon, it’s no surprise why this artery clogging food is only meant to eat at the Fair.

After taking a walk around the park (definitely not in hopes to burn any calories), we headed indoors to check out the random vendors and exhibitions. After getting our share of people watching we moseyed over to the fluorescent Midway and ended the night by riding the swings.

The night couldn’t be any better, the food any greasier, or the crowd too eccentric.


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