I’ve been attempting to venture out of my cool cave-like house and into the hot hell that has become Richmond summer weather.

Of course, summertime hunger cravings kick in and my frozen yogurt addiction is in full swing. I’ve hit just about every frozen yogurt eatery in RVA, but it wasn’t until I revisited Carytown last week that I realized there’s a newbie to the froyo clan. And its location is uncomfortably priceless.

Yapple Frozen Yogurt is Cary Street’s latest addition, and it’s [literal] neighbor is Richmond’s frozen yogurt champ, Sweet Frog. Close competition in the most literal way. What a way to shake things up for die hard Sweet Frog-ians. I love it.

The newbie is hilarious to some, disrespectful to others, and just plain confusing to a few. Just sit outside and listen to the passers-bys who’ve seen the rival store front. You’ll hear things that will bring on the LOL’s (unless you have a minimal sense of humor) like…

“Yapple? Next to Sweet Frog? How rude.”

“Just what we need…ANOTHER frozen yogurt place.”

“How could they do this?!”

“Hm, Yapple? Next time let’s go there?”

I pride myself on being an avid people watcher and this recent experience I had outside of Yapple almost beats a an hour of people watching at the airport. People are flustered; their expressions were priceless.

Now that I’m done reporting the emotional distress of Richmonder’s reaction to Yapple’s new residence, here’s the scoop (pun not intended…at all).

This place is cool. It’s spacious, clean, and modern. The ceiling looks like a gay bar light show, with oversized colored bulbs flashing wildly and changing colors at every second. There’s ample seating which also stretches outside, with adirondackchairs and small tables (yes, just like Sweet Frog).

As I made my way to the yogurt machines, I noticed plenty of small sample cups. This is a double edged sword. You get the option of testing the (huge) variety of flavors before committing but, you also get the folks who don’t understand the concept of sampling and refuse to move away from the machines as they tongue their samples. This is annoying, but luckily I don’t mind pushing my way through mindless people glued to the ground slurping on sample cups.

I was stupidly excited to see the variety of flavors Yapple has to offer. They even had my favorite, Taro. I haven’t had Taro since I lived in Houston. Yay for me. I didn’t count, but I’d say Yapple had 12-14 flavors available from Salted Pretzel to Blueberry Tart.

The toppings were impressive. Much better than Sweet Frog, Very Berry, and Mix It. They have a plethora of fruits, crushed candy, nuts, syrups, etc. What impressed me was their 3 different types of Mochi- original, green tea, and strawberry. Another perk? Cookie dough balls and real cookie dough. Some could say there are too many toppings, I say try them all out- not at the same time of course.

Compared to other fro-yo places, the consistency of Yapple’s yogurt is much creamier than the icier texture of the others. I actually prefer the icier consistency of “the others” but Yapple’s ample flavors and delicious toppings win me over.

I recommend checking this place out, it’s a little hip being the new kid on the block and all but I’m sure it wont disappoint you…unless you’re highly offended by a little taste-driven competition.


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