As we all know (well, most of us), in April, Buz and Ned’s opened up a new sister joint at the more suburban friendly site of Broad and Parham Road.

I’ve held back going for a month since the new-ness of a restaurant usually comes with long lines, chaos, and crowds.  It wasn’t until a night of “what do you want for dinner?” and “I don’t know, just pick” came the brilliant idea of finally getting myself to this place.

I’ve been to the “original” Buz and Ned’s (also found on my little blog) and adored the hole-in-the-wall feel.  This place is completely opposite.  It’s built to be a big restaurant.  You won’t find the iconic white tent covering the front of this place unlike the Boulveard location.  Instead, you’ll find an old barrel “water tower” sitting on top of the restaurant, rusted tin siding everywhere, and intentional countryfied decor.  This Buzz and Ned’s gets a rustic barnyard facelift.

Inside, you’ll find vintage copper faucets greeting you near the door to wash your hands, of course. It’s pretty cool and also pretty random but, I think the people get the point.

To your left, is the line where you order your food.  *Note, this is food only, no booze*  You place and pay for your order and give them your name.  If you’re used to the old school Buz and Ned’s, you know that when your name is called, you pick up your grub.  Simple right?  Not here.  We grabbed our drinks from the counter, filled them and sat down.  And a waitress came.  I don’t know what’s more confusing, wait staff at Buzz and Ned’s or that you don’t know who’ll be picking up your food, if you should tip, or why you even need a server if you’ve placed your order.  If they were going to do wait staff all together, not sure why you place your counter order?  Not sure if this was a well thought plan on their part.

The photo on your right pretty much sums up my confusion… now open AND coming soon? God bless.

I was jonesing for a beer so I ordered one through my waitress.  1 beer and a another charge to my credit card.  Not sure how you feel, but charging dinner and separately charging a drink in one restaurant is pretty annoying.  On a positive note, I chose the Buz Beer and it was great.  It has hearty notes of lager with a toasty aftertaste and it’s only $3.50.

As we waited for our grub, I couldn’t help not to notice the harsh white lighting of the indoor eating area.  The lights remind me of light fixtures you’d find in a jail or a mechanic shop (how would I know, right?).  Too bright, it just made for an uncomfortable mood.  This is somewhere I definitely wouldn’t recommend taking a date unless of course, you want every pore on your face to be visible.

My favorite part of the dining area was the vintage looking “liquor” sign in the bar area.  And yes, this Buz and Ned’s site serves liquor (and has a bar) unlike the Boulevard location.

Our food was just as flavorful and perfect as I’ve experienced with the original Buz and Ned’s.  Nothing was off or newfangled about my chicken bbq sandwich or coleslaw.  It was amazing as usual.

The food is what’ll make me come back here but the confusing order process and tanning bed-like lighting still leaves me puzzled.  Check it out for yourself, let me know your thoughts.
Buz and Ned's Real Barbacue on Urbanspoon


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