Frozen yogurt, the “it” food craze among….everyone?  It’s a mixed thing, this fro-yo fascination.

As I drive past Sweet Frog in Short Pump (cough) it’s swarming like an anthill with teenagers.   The Carytown location is a different story, lots of families, hipsters, and cliques of women happily ingesting the “healthy” frozen dessert alternative.  Ladies, since it’s not really ice cream, pile on those Reeces would ya?

Channeling back a decade, I remember the sweet treat trend, fro-yo’s fat twin: ice cream with “innovative” mix-in’s.  Remembering the “coolness” of Marble Slab, Maggie Moo’s, and Coldstone.  The option of having vocal control in picking toppings to dress your ice cream was impressionable for our palate-pleasing American culture.   We failed to ignore the poor counter servers ferociously mixing our ice cream; giving them the upper hand at developing tendonitis.

I’ll admit, I was a stickler for this.  My favorite?  Sweet cream with strawberries.  Presh, right?

Then came the cupcakes.  They stormed onto television shows and found their way into cute little bakeries.  Are we really so simple-minded to think cupcakes are different from cake?  No, they’re just prettier and easier to eat.  I’ve had my share, and even attempted to bake my share, but now I’m seeing this food fad fizzle.  Of course, I’d never say no to a cupcake.

So it’s on to the frozen yogurt.  What’s interesting to me, is how this food fad is regional.  When I lived in Texas, the frozen yogurt buzz was already present and alive.  When I moved here, it was something fairly new.  Now, Richmonders can’t get enough.

But fro-yo isn’t new to the scene.  It was a big to-do in the 80’s and 90’s with TCBY being the leader in the market.  So why has it popped back?  My guesses say the countless toppings and broad range of flavors are what brings this trend (caution: please remember it’s priced by weight).  I mean, with flavors like taro root, tart, pumpkin pie and toppings like fruity pebbles and mandarin oranges, how could it not get attention?

This leads me to the big question, what’s next?  I’ve done a little research on next food trend predictions and here’s what I dug up…brownies, popcorn, crepes, pie, and popsicles.  Hm, popsicles have my vote.  Might as well get a head start and rent me up some Fan or Carytown space?

Nah, I’ll just let it all happen.  Deliciously, of course.


6 thoughts on “FOOD FAD: FROZEN YOGURT

  1. critchie103 says:

    I just found your blog and wanted to say hello! I am also new to Richmond (I love the Carytown Sweet Frog!) and moved here from Texas (Dallas)! I totally think popsicles could be the next fad! I actually made some yesterday (even though it was cold outside)! I look forward to continue reading your blog!



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