So, yeah…Pinterest. I know it’s all the rave. And I’ve given in, just a little. I’ve logged in, created an account, and put in my share of relentless browsing.

My friend is obsessed with this site. Most of her conversations start…”so, I was on Pinterest last night and…”

This friend had started collecting a few pastry recipes from Pinterest and asked me if I’d like to try them out for an official “pie day”. Of course, being the culinary amateur and foodie that I am, I didn’t turn this down.

We dedicated a Sunday morning to put her freshly printed recipes to the test.  My friend arrived that morning champagne, oj, and ingredients. We started out simple, with a pie- blackberry peach. We decided to adorn the top of the pie with a polka dot design- idea from Pinterest (duh).

Next, was my favorite. Cinnamon Apple rolls.  It’s one of those recipes that’s do simple you’d kick yourself because you weren’t bright enough to think of it. You can find the recipe with all the details here…

If you’re too lazy to click, here’s the deal- sliced apples rolled in pie dough dusted with cinnamon and drizzled with icing. Easiest recipe ever.  When these came out of the oven, the noise of girly ooohs and aaahs from my kitchen made me wonder if I’d accidentally stumbled into a baby shower.

We saved pie pops for our last recipe. What’s a pie pop?  Glad you asked…a mini pie placed on a lollipop sick and baked.

Making these was hilarious. Why? Because I had the bright idea of putting cookie dough as one of the pop fillings and later watched them burst the dough apart in the oven. Dough rises… I know this now. Besides my brilliant filling, we also used raspberry, chocolate, and apple. They were pretty good and perfectly cute.

The recipes didn’t disappoint, in fact, I’d like to cultivate my own collection of Pinterest inspired recipes.  Im also starting on a canvas piece that’s completely Pinterest inspired.

Rock on, Pinterest.



  1. Cara says:

    Before you know it, you are going to have to start all of your conversations saying, “So I was on Pinterest…” It really is addictive, isn’t it??? P.S. I LOVE that pic in your header. Did you take that? So cute!


    1. grub like a girl. says:

      Pretty addictive to say the least…you’re correct about that. (no, I wasn’t just on Pinterest 5 seconds ago)

      Lucky for me, my close friends is a brilliant photographer (in Oklahoma) and took some great shots for my blog.

      Thanks for the feedback, Cara!


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