BACCHUS (A short tale)

Another team dinner fell upon us,
We’d been excited about Acacia,
So we made reservations without a fuss.

Wednesday night, we shuffled in
just to find they wouldn’t seat us
Their “incomplete party policy” wore us thin.

We asked if our party of 7 could sit,
while we waited one more person (our table in clear site),
the hostess wouldn’t budge, and her attitude was a fright.

After our party was finally seated (at the point, we were heated)
A server made his way to our table,
His arrogance quickly confirmed
we needed to roll out of there, and find somewhere stable.

We made a group decision,
and quickly left this place,
And Acacia went down as most pretentious,
Ah! What a shame (for them).

So we headed down to Bacchus,
a beam of light and hope,
the menu looked magnificent
and our waitress was humble, with no sign of snobbish mope.

We started with Polenta, Blood Sausage, and Calamari
It was fantastic; just what we needed
and our meals matched pleasant and hearty.

Good wine and food was flowing,
laughter among work colleagues and friends,
this is how service should be served,
Bacchus, you made up for our Acacia-horror with one pleasant end.

For Acacia, shame on you.
You missed out on a table (of foodies, too)
A group of people ready to…
You’re establishment and bad-mannered service, I’ll never recommend.

The end…

P.S.- I’m not the only one who’s had this unpleasurable and embarrassing (on their part) experience.

“An uninviting barkeep gives a lackluster greeting by tossing a cocktail menu in our general direction.”- UrbanSpoon

“I found them rude.”- UrbanSpoon

“We were greeted with “what time was our reservation”, and not “Hello” or “Welcome”.”- UrbanSpoon

“First Visit – A Disaster”- Title of a Review,  UrbanSpoon

“No one beats Acacia when it comes to horrible service and snotty service, cold and sterile decor, overly-seasoned food, and the list goes on. No thanks!”- Style Weekly

“Pretentious with an extra side of attitude.”- Another Reviewer title, Google Review

“You can get excellent food AND excellent customer service elsewhere in Richmond.”- Google review

“Poor service and arrogance was totally ridiculous and female manager was a joke ! In time this will fail from an attitude staff ! Overtrained or under trained ??”- Google review
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