Regional Drinks.  Do they exist?

I’d say yes.  New Orleans is known for their frozen hurricanes, Mexico for Margaritas, Ireland for Guinness, & the “South” fancies Mint Juleps.  The list continues. Ah! How did I forget Richmond’s adoration for PBR (even though I still don’t get this).

This past fall, I traveled to Oklahoma for a wedding.  I lived in Oklahoma for a hot second (2 years of my college “career”) so I remember the flat terrain (*cough*) and bible belt culture.   What I apparently forgot was Oklahoma’s love of the lunchbox.  No, not a literal Transformers or Hello Kitty lunchbox found in elementary lunchrooms but instead it’s a standard Oklahoma beverage.

In Richmond, I know if I walked to the bar and ordered a lunchbox, the confusing face I’d be staring into would be classic.  That’s why I just stick it to my infrequent visits to Oklahoma to indulge in this awesome cocktail.

The lunchbox is a concoction of the following (odd) ingredients…

1. Beer – everyone has their favorite beer of choice for a lunchbox, and it’s held very precious to the lunchbox connoisseur.

2. Orange Juice – Any kind is perfect, doesn’t matter if expensive or not- although some may disagree.

3. Ameretto – Yes, seriously.

Grab yourself a frosted mug (it’s gotta be frosted).  Pour half the mug with your beer of choice, and a quarter with orange juice. Next, you drop in a shot glass of Amaretto.  This can be sipped or chugged.  I’ve done both, and I bet if you make it, you will too.

You may think this sounds completely revolting.  Trust me on this, it’s amazing.  The amaretto mixed with the beer and OJ gives this drink its own entity.

Okies love this drink.  If you ever grace this enchanting state with your presence, and happen to be in Oklahoma City, you MUST go to Edna’s.  It’s lunchbox mecca.  Lunchboxes are made as quick as water can be poured and they slide over the bar tops like hockey pucks.  They even make and sell lunchbox ChapStick … seriously.

So that just about concludes my lunchbox rave.  I’ll plea one more time, please attempt to make this, you’ll understand my exaltation for this cocktail.

To regional drinks  and to the lunchbox- Cheers.
Edna's Restaurant and Club on Urbanspoon


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