I’m not sure if I’ve been completely numb to the upcoming Holiday season or if the painful drives to the mall, Carytown, and the Fan have put a damper on my own Christmas-ness spirit.  The holiday season can be vicious.  One season that can turn parking lots into its own version of “Fight Club” and the word “Sale” sparks ones fight or flight mechanism.

I am slowly starting to like Christmas but Halloween still holds #1.  I adore the coziness of the holiday season, and I actually appreciate the cold weather.  And who can’t resist the awful/addictive Lifetime marathon of mediocre (ok, awful) Christmas movies? For me, I look forward to “A Christmas Story”, don’t call me trashy.

I’m not the 2011 Christmas Grinch…promise.  In fact, to prove my holiday spirit, I’ll let you know I have partook in some Christmas cookie making.  Two times.  Bam.

I’ve actually settled on not making home-made cookies, shocking, I know.  I’ve used the lovely sausage-like block of Pillsbury sugar cookie dough.  They actually make thin, soft, perfect cookies. I can’t justify purchasing a tube of premade, settled icing so home-made icing is a must.  I choose the standard powder sugar, butter, vanilla, and milk icing.

Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, however you rock it … Happy Holidays.


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