A blog post about Thanksgiving.

Yes … overly cliché, I know. Thanksgiving is different for everyone. For some, it holds sacred tradition and gives others a chance to explore new, exotic recipes.  But really, Thanksgiving comes down to encouraged gluttony so of course it inspires a provoking post.

In my eyes, Thanksgiving dishes become personal to a family, a couple, children, or even one person.  Some dishes are passed down, year after year without altering or substituting one ingredient.  This is how my own family feels about the dressing.  I am not sure who created this recipe – we don’t ask, we just eat.  It’s simple and solid.  Even after my grandmother [who always made it] passed away a few years ago, this dish remains the same; untouched.  No one would ever attempt to change it up, and if you tried you’d have my whole family to deal with.

On the other hand, some Thanksgiving dishes change, whether inspired by innovative substitutions, recipes or a new family gathering.  I recently spoke with someone who was going to make stuffing that incorporated sausage, cranberry, and apple.  I must have looked dumbfounded when he explained the recipe.  I had no idea dressing could be so fabulous (and yummy sounding).  Not that my grandmother’s wasn’t, but we adored the simplicity of our dressing.  I just like hearing how other individuals, families, and couples spend and cook Thanksgiving.

So while I continue to absorb my tryptophan-induced daze, I’d just like to say a Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Gobble gobble.



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