Tonight I did the chain-restaurant-thing.  I know.  What must you be thinking?!

My meal was pretty great (yes, it was).  What was better than my meal?  The service.  Once in a blue moon, when you receive amazing service you suddenly realize all the mediocre waiters and waitresses that you’ve unknowingly experienced during countless dining experiences.

To put it short, my waitress, Sarah, was amazing.  She was attentive, funny, and when she realized we’d been waiting for our food for a short while, (even though I was perfectly content) she quickly bounced back with some free edamame.  Kudos, Sarah.

The sushi was standard but the dessert was exceptional.  My friend and I split the coffee crème brûlée.  honestly, I was a little shocked how good it was.  No overpowering coffee flavors  but a sweet harmony of vanilla, hints of coffee, and the custard-y crème brûlée flavor.  It exceeded my expectations and I have to admit, they were a little low at first.

Kona Grill, you didn’t disappoint.  You’ve actually made me want to come back.  Apparently, you have a fabulous happy hour.  See you then.
Kona Grill on Urbanspoon


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