Goodbye, random over-publicized earthquake.  Hello, hurricane Irene.  Of course this happens on my Birthday weekend.  Classic.

So, here’s a brief hurricane guide 101- according to Grub Like a Girl…or any reasonable easygoing individual.

1.  Make sure you’re stocked on all the necessary items- of course I mean beer, toilet paper, charged iPod, and your choice of some dry snack-y food … they’ll be your bread and butter the next few days.

2.  If you’re not friendly with your neighbors, now is a good time to do so.  Yeah, the neighbor with the annoying dog that won’t shut up? Him too.  You’ll never know when you’ll need these people, i.e. when you need lighter fluid, a warm meal, batteries, or just a shoulder to cry and scream “wwwwhhhhyyyyy?!” when you realize you’ll be without power the next few nights.

3.  Plan a hurricane party.  If you can’t stop the storm then embrace it.  Invite your friends, their pets,  random neighbors, and people you all the sudden want to endure the storm with.  Natural catastrophes bring people close…maybe too close.  This will be a good time for a few awkward conversations with plenty of over sharing.

4.  Go to the grocery store, the day before the storm makes landfall, and immerse yourself in people watching.  People go cwazy.  It’s mass hysteria.  Panic.  Chaos.  And people aren’t shy about conveying that.  Whether they’re frantically clearing the shelves like bottled water was the last on earth or the Jerry Springer-like fights that break out when people cut in like…just go, for the show.

5.  Lastly, it’ll be alright.  So grab your friends/dog/12 pack and hunker down.  This could be one fun storm to ride out.  Embrace the chaos.

Not sure hurricane Irene is going to wreak havoc or not.  Just be safe, but please be reasonable.  The whole scavenger-like survival mentality thing is so beneath us.

Have a fabulous weekend.  And yes, this had absolutely nothing to do with food.  Oh, how I digress.


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