Costco is genius.  Not only can you get toilet paper, cheese balls, and laundry detergent in bulk … now you buy Costco-branded beer in bulk (of course).  My roommate was delighted when he found a 24 variety pack of beer at his favorite warehouse club.  The opportunity for me to capture the excitement and randomness of Costco beer was hard for me to pass up.

In doing some pretty mild research apparently two different breweries…

” The Kirkland beers are contract brewed by one of two different breweries that are somewhat obscured – East Coast beers come from New Yorker Brewing out of Utica, NY…For the West Coast beers those come from the Hopfen und Malz Company out of San Jose, CA.” (

For around $19.00 a 24 variety pack of brewskies can be yours.  Genius.


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