Would it be too obvious to say my trip DC was incredible?

The sights are amazing but there’s more that captivates me about DC than its historic landmark and beautiful scenery.  There’s something about the people, from the tacky tourists to local hipsters that makes my love for people watching so much better.

It seems like all the locals are actively involved in active sports (funny sentence).  People are running, biking, walking, even playing softball in front of the Washington monument.  Maybe it’s that I am a newbie to the DC area but it’s pretty refreshing to see locals immersed in their city along with tourists.  And how could you not? The place is absolutely gorgeous.

Ok, onward to the  food.  I dined at a few different places but one deserves proper blogging recognition.  And that would be Open City.

As my friend and I cautiously drove up the street thinking “where the hell is this place?!”

Um…of course it’s the place where dozens of people are waiting in the July afternoon heat to put their name on the waiting list to get a table.  Even though (I think) my friend was weary to wait 45 minutes, I convinced him it’d be worth it.

Kudos to Open City for having a coffee/smoothie bar that smartly appeals to the hungry patrons on the wait list.

I got a delicious frozen chai tea (for you avid Starbucks enthusiasts, this would be the Chai Tea Frappuccino) and I will have to say it kept some sort of carnal hunger to rest.

As we waited for our table, I got my dose of DC people watching.  The DC brunch crowd is hip.  Everyone is young and dressed effortlessly laid back chic.  Even though people are not the friendliest here- it’s still fun to immerse yourself along with locals.

Open city is located in Woodley Park on the corner of 24th St and Calvert St.  There are two patios with a main dining room.  The place is pretty big- and I could see why.  People love it.  I think to locals it’s just a great landmark for a routine place to eat for visitors- it’s an opportunity to venture out of the main historic district to find a great place to eat.

Breakfast and lunch is on the same menu so it was nice to have to different options.   The food on the menu was your traditional uncomplicated dishes like omelettes, waffles, salads, and sandwiches.  Though, some items took me by surprise like the Red Velvet Waffles.  Wow.  If it wasn’t summer time and I had a few mimosas in me- I’d definitely go for that.

I ordered the veggie omelette with hash browns and toast.  My friend chose a Huevos rancheros egg scramble.  Waiting for the food didn’t take too long- surprising to me since the place was packed and a waiter could easily get in the weeds quick.  That wasn’t the case- our food came in the perfect amount of time.

I was so excited to see my food partly because I was starving and partly because judging  by the crowd and the waiting list- it had to be good.  Well, I was right (shock).

My plate was nice and full.  The omelette was light and filled with fresh with Mushrooms, broccoli, and diced tomatoes.  The swiss cheese melted along with the vegetables was flawless and judging from my taste buds, I don’t think they use cheap swiss cheese.  It tasted like the good real stuff.  The hash browns was probably the highlight of my meal.  They were perfectly greasy and the potatoes were cut into sporadic thin pieces- not in a shredded mess or processed cubes.  They were incredible.  The only issue I had with my meal was that there was no jam or jelly for the toast- just butter.  I prefer to have something sweet on my toast but it wasn’t the end of the world.

My friends food looked amazing as well.  So amazing- that I had to take a picture.

Overall, this is a place I will definitely visit on my next trip to DC.  So, yeah…it was good.  Let’s just hope it’s not pouring rain when I put my name on the wait list.

Open City on Urbanspoon


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