Or should I say…Back From My Mini Hiatus?

Ok people, long story very short.  I’ve been trudging through a breakup so my blogging abilities have been somewhat stifled.  BUT, here I am.  Blogging it back up once again.

This past week I have been really enjoying going out and getting to know Richmond, Va.  That also means eating.

This week I have been to two great places, first off, Carytown Burgers and Fries.  For a burger joint, you can’t go wrong here.

I met up with a friend (who has been before) in Carytown and walked there.  I am starting to get to like Carytown.  I feel like I had a stigma before.  Now, I see it differently.  As we were walking to dinner, I noticed neighbors outside on their porches.  Everyone we walked past said a nice “hello”.  I love this.

Ok, lets talk food.  Walking in the place, you order at the counter.  The people quickly took our order and we sat outside on the covered patio.  After some time (drooling over other people’s burgers) we got our food.  I ordered the California burger ($6.49) with guacamole, bacon, swiss, and the works.  It looked great.  It tasted as great as it looked.  And I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of it.  Shame on me.

The bun was fresh and homemade; the absolute best way to have some buns ;).  The burger is good but the guacamole was the winner of this burger. Although it wasn’t the bold-flavored Texas style guac I’m used to, it was cool, creamy, and gooood.  The only problem was there was too much of it.  Maybe that was my fault.  I have never had a guacamole burger or sandwich when my hands were not covered with the good stuff.

My friend has ordered the Kojak- bacon, egg, cheese, and the works ($6.49).  It looked great and I think I will order it next time I go.

We split a basket of fries with the skin still on. I am growing to love this type of fry.  Though they were a little on the cold side, I still thought they were decent.

For a casual burger joint, this place has you covered for all your burger-ness needs.
Carytown Burgers and Fries on Urbanspoon


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