I have noticed that every Friday is dinner out in Richmond.  This is becoming a trend.  I love to leave the suburbs in the dust and get to the good places to eat.  The suburbs are a mecca for chain restaurants, over-bumper-stickered SUV’s (think stick figure family and over-scrolled monogram initials), and same old ruts.  I prefer the ambiance and flavor of an original meal and atmosphere which can’t be found at a million locations around the U.S. Not to mention, supporting local restaurants (or any other service industry) is HUGE.  Um.  Did I get off on a tangent?  Oh, yes, where were we?

Last weekend was dinner at Village Cafe.  And yes, I have already been there before BUT I haven’t written about it (does that count?).  I really do love this place.  It has been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives- so you know many menu items have to be good- or even great.

I ordered the chicken salad croissant ($8) for the 10th time … so what?  It’s amazing.  The croissant is flakey and buttery.  The chicken salad is out of this world.  I don’t know what they put in it, and I really wouldn’t care to figure it out.  I just know it’s incredible.  It’s rich and creamy with the perfect balance of…everything.  As you can read, this one is pretty straight forward.  It’s great.

I did make one mistake, I ordered a side salad.  Maybe it was my wrong doing…thinking that ordering a salad a well-known greasy spoon would be a reasonable idea.  Well, I got what I deserved.  The salad was limp and left me dissatisfied (that’s what she said).  The ranch dressing was good but the salad was not.  I should have ordered fries like my friend.  Even took a picture of her plate (she too, ordered the same sandwich) because mine was too sad for a full-on photo-op.

What I love about Village Cafe:

1.  Location.  Situated on the corner of Grace St. and Harrison.  If these streets mean nothing to you that’s ok.  Let’s just say you could probably score some drugs or [go in a different route entirely] walk a senior citizen at the assisted living highrise in this block.  It’s perfect.

2.  Food.   As I ate my own delicious meal, I eyed other table’s dishes in envy.  I wanted a bite of everything.

3.  Jukebox.  The music they play is splendid, listening to Velvet Underground while eating my sandwich is bliss.

4.  Service.  The wait staff is young and hip but still know how to work their tables with care and urgency.

Village Cafe on Urbanspoon


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