This weekend was Houston’s Gay Pride.  Of course my fabulous friend texted me and reminded me of this.  I miss a real city pride.  Richmond is lacking (and sucking) at this.

And no, this has nothing to do with food so  if you’re either wanting to read about  food or have strong feelings towards the topic, scroll away.  🙂

Ah, Gay Pride.  When a city shuts down a street or area and encourages its fabulouss-ness comes out  for one weekend.  Houston pride was amazing.  People of every single shape, color, and size are smashed together on Westheimer Road to watch the parade, dance randomly, have contests, or anything else (and this is a lot).

Richmond has nothing.  June is pride month, and if I am not mistaken, a small pride parade is held here in September…yes, September.   Hello, Richmond?!

I know Conservative Richmond vs. Conservative Houston are two different viewpoints but, it’d be nice to come together as a community in official pride month; doing the official pride thing.  And whatever the “official” pride thing is in Richmond- we will decide.

Happy Pride, everyone.


One thought on “HAPPY PRIDE

  1. Jacqueline Clayborn says:

    “…whatever the “official” pride thing is in Richmond- we will decide.”

    Our Pride obviously can’t compare to Houston’s but it was still Uh-MAZING. So how did you celebrate your first Pride here in Richmond??


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