Last night I finally experienced dinner at the Black Sheep.

Black Sheep, housed in a small quaint building on West Marshall St, snugly fits among other buildings. So of course, I almost missed it.  The dining area is very small … I mean cozy but, not so much where you’d feel uncomfortable.

I was stoked to discover they carry Abita beer; a  local Louisiana beer brewed in Abita Springs.  I hadn’t had an Abita beer since I experienced my first tailgating event a LSU vs. Auburn game back in 2008 (fun times).  It was nice to say hello again to an Abita Amber.  Delicious.

My companion and I ordered an appetizer, summer-y squash samosas stuffed pastry.  It was wonderful, light, and fresh.  The flavor from the medley of perfectly cooked squash (and other veggies) was incredible.  The crisp veggies were tucked inside a wonderful golden biscuit flavored pastry shell.  The sauce that accompanied the dish was incredible, I could tell there were sweet notes of apricot and subtle hints of curry spice.

For my entrée, I had already viewed the menu online (yea…nerd) so I knew what I would order and it just so happened that it was the same dish that Adam Richman raved about on Man Vs. Food- the USS Brooklyn ($8).  Maybe it was the fact that this dish looked so amazing on television that I wanted to experience it for myself.  From what I gather, the USS “collection” is a variety of sandwiches.  Each submarine-like sandwich is flavor-inspired from the docking points of the US battleships. My sandwich  is described on the menu as “Jerk barbecued chicken, loaded into a toasted french baguette with shredded cabbage, roasted banana ketchup & peach chutney.”  So I don’t know if it’s the roasted banana ketchup or the jerk chicken that makes my mouth still water but it sounds as good as it tastes…trust me.  I got my sandwich “Jump ship” style- sans bread and on top of organic greens.

My companion ordered the chicken and dumplings ($10)- classic comfort food.

The other dishes that passed our table to neighboring diners looked unbelievably good.  I knew that I wouldn’t be disappointed and guess what….I was right (duh).

My USS Brooklyn was uh-mazing (did you get that?).  The flavor of the spiced chicken, fresh cabbage and peach chutney was incredible and yes, the banana ketchup was all that I hoped for.  I actually loved that it was plated on top of greens,  I could really savor the distinctive flavors at once without bread.  Next time, I may order the classic sandwich instead of the “jump ship” style to change it up a bit.  To tell you again that my food was incredible is an understatement, it was perfectly perfect.

My companion’s chicken and dumplings was a shocking contrast from my exotic dish.   The creamy sauce and tender chicken was wonderfully traditional.  The dumplings were the kicker.  The consistency was perfect and with one bite I felt almost nostalgic; it took me right back to my mom’s kitchen when she would cook this dish.  Though I would agree Black Sheep’s chicken and dumplings took #1 spot over my mother’s (sorry mom).

The food was amazing.  And I truly believe everyone around me agreed.  Everyone eating was smiling with satisfaction at one another and at their food.  These pleased patrons loved their dishes, it was very clear.

So, to Black Sheep, thank you for a wonderful dinner.  It did not disappoint or even come close, the food was wonderful and I will be back…very soon.

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