Is it the Magnum ice cream commercial hysterical and a bit confusing to you as it is to me?

I don’t know what I love more, the scenario that 95 pound Rachel Bilson is sprinting over the tops of stopped cars to consume a 400 calorie ice cream bar?  Maybe it’s the fact that suddenly an ice cream bar that we’ve never heard of suddenly broadcasts this commercial?  Ok, ok, maybe I find humor that Magnum apparently finds it realistic to appoint a woman the size of a twizzler to represent the brand.


Every time it comes on, I laugh.

I love Rachel Bilson, and sure, I’ll love Belgian chocolate covered ice cream bars, but these two don’t mix…it’s kind of awkward.  Is this just me?

On a different note…Happy Friday!  Have a fabulous weekend, and if you see a Magnum truck on the road, remain inside your vehicle and refrain from dashing over cars.

The product is in your freezer section, and I’ll admit, they’re pretty good.



  1. allyincali1 says:

    Ha! You’re not the only one. The ballet one w/ Bilson especially confuses me. But it’s like those jean commercials they used to have that never showed a pair of jeans! 🙂


      1. grub like a girl. says:

        Thank you! I am still cracking up… skinny ballerina just wants everyone to shut up so she can eat her Magnum! You think ballet company would really stock the mini fridge with Magnum?
        p.s.- the guy kissing her…what’s with all the rings on his fingers?!


    1. WarSea378 says:

      Ok, so let me see… Just because a girl is thin and attractive she can’t like ice cream? Maybe she’s thin cause she doesn’t eat them by the box. Or maybe she does eat them by the box but has a reverse version of what damn near every fat woman says she “has”, a genetic problem to blame and not a behavior! Hahaha


  2. tangelag says:

    Magnum is an ice cream that has been around forever in Europe. They are awesome by the way. I suppose they need this over the top advertising to break into new markets?? The commercial irritates me because it sexualizes the product unnecessarily.. (The way she eats it is suggestive and not at all the way most eat an ice cold bar such as that!) This is intentional. The Magnum sells itself in Europe (It’s sooo hot there in the summer.) and is also ubiquitous there (thank goodness). Just MHO. The almond flavored…sigh!


  3. Jen says:

    Umm how about th fact that it’s called magnum and has a gold balloon in some of the commercials????? Not to mention the incredibly falic shots of women eating the ice cream hahahaha WTF IS THIS


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