Friday night was another delicious experience.  My date and I started off the night with dinner at the Hill Cafe.  I haven’t heard much about it besides what my friend had told me- and she hadn’t even dined there.

The place is located in the historic Church Hill district of Richmond.  I have to admit, as a newbie to Richmond, I had never been to this part of town.  I have been missing out, big time.  It is gorgeous.  The streets are almost layered on top of one another and from many points you can look out on the James River while getting a beautiful sight of downtown.

The Hill Cafe sits on the corner of E. Broad and N 28th St.  It is a quaint narrow restaurant engulfed in rich dark wood, exposed duct-work and brick.  It is traditionally sleek and a bit sexy, but it is subtle and still inviting.  The service was extremely attentive; my drink was never 1/4 empty.

The menu was pretty impressive.  From the famed southern “blue plate specials” to many yummy vegetarian items, I knew that I would find something to satisfy my Friday night hunger.

I settled on the crab cake sandwich with shoe string fries.  Here is a warning from me to you, crab cake sandwiches are my staple.  They are my go-to menu item for many of my dining experiences. I know I should venture out a bit more  (and I am) but crab cake sandwiches are completely different from one another anywhere you go.  I find joy to compare each restaurants version and discover one that I love the most (or my top 5).  It’s like a man-hunt, “The best crab cake sandwich hunt”.  My date decided on one of the blue plate items, rotisserie turkey with mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese.

After some time (not long), we got our food.  The presentation of my sandwich was classic; open face with tomato and lettuce and golden fries scattered.  My date’s sides of mac and potatoes was nestled underneath the monstrous cut of tender turkey, gravy on top and on the plate.  I was excited to start eating.

My crab cake look delicious, nice and golden with crab flakes visible.  On the downside, it was a bit small, it did not measure the width of the massive kaiser roll.  But that was ok, the crab cake was fresh and simple.  The remoulade sauce was good and had hints of fresh lime.  The shoestring fries were amazing, they were not too crispy, which I like.  This meant I could  dip them in ketchup without that overly crispy crunch to ruin the bite just the way I like them.  What made this meal even more better was the Bass Ale I ordered, the caramel hoppy flavor of the beer balanced my palate perfectly.

I had some bites of my dates’ meal.  The macaroni and cheese was outstanding; it was thick and dense, with sharp cheddar flavor that melted in your mouth.  The huge piece of turkey was excellent and the gravy complemented it nicely.  I don’t think the sides of macaroni and potatoes was quite enough.  My date and I agreed that they should have downsized the turkey and upped the portions on the sides.  Overall, it was satisfying.

After dinner, we hung out at Hookah bar downtown.  And after that (drumroll)…we went to Krispy Kream- of course making sure the “Hot Now” sign was on.  A perfect way to end the evening.  These donuts are amazing.  I don’t think I need to go further, anyone who has had one knows.  Let’s just say, judging from the picture, the donuts were happily consumed.  🙂

It was a good night with good food and another new experience in RVA.

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