I secretly wish Adam Richman and Guy Fieri could kidnap me and take me on a food-cation.

Watching Diners, Drive In’s, and Dives, Man vs. Food,  and FoodNation completely satisfies my inner foodie obsession.

I am not sure if it’s the food, the random locations  they choose, or the mental list I create to make some of these eateries places I hope to visit.  I love it all.  I don’t think I am alone.  Am I?

I have been to many locations that have been featured on Diner’s, Drive-In’s, and Dives and Man vs. Food.

1. In Houston, I lived blocks away from Niko Niko’s- an excellent Greek fast food eatery with speedy counter service and amazing gyro’s (however you choose to pronounce it).

2. Also in Houston, I dined with friends at Cafe Pita, a wonderful hole in the wall Bosnian (yes, Bosnian) restaurant that was absolutely amazing.   My friend who suggested the restaurant is Bosnian so she guided us across the menu with ease and understanding.  I settled on a dish called Cevap.  A staple in Bosnia; a must try for those who have never experienced it.  Apparently there is a Bosnian restaurant in Richmond that serves the same dish. I hope it’s as good as my first Cevap experience.

3. In Austin, I dragged my best friend to the amazing Magnolia Cafe and 4.  Casino El Camino.  Both places were amazing and exceeded my expectations.

5. In New Orleans, I have been to the famous Acme Oyster House, even though I am not an Oyster connoisseur, I quickly got the impression that it was THE place for fresh oysters and other seafood dishes.

Living in Richmond, Virginia, I have only been to one “As seen on T.V.”  location (shocker). This would be the Village Cafe.  A quaint traditional café situation blocks from VCU campus.  On Diners, Drive-In’s, and Dives the featured menu items were the onion rings and Muffaletta.  My favorite (along with their famed onion rings) is the rich and creamy chicken salad sandwich.  It’s amazing.  Trust.

So, my journey continues.  Next on my list is Black Sheep, known for their massive U.S.S. sandwiches and Cajun inspired dishes.

Some people would say that the show plays an overwhelming hype on these featured restaurants.  It very well could, but I have never been to a eatery featured on one of these shows that did not disappoint.   Will it ever happen?  Quite possible.  Until then, I will keep on shadowing these locations to discover and enjoy these famed cafes, restaurants, diner’s, and dives.


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