In 2004, Buffalo Wild Wings introduced it’s Captain Morgan wing sauce, months later, they discontinued it.  I, along with many other fellow Captain Morgan sauce addicts found ourselves abandoned, alone, and in question for years.

While driving home from work the other evening, a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial came on the radio, and if I heard right, they are bringing my long-lost flavor back to the table.

I have done my research to make sure this is not a dream and indeed, I am still a bit puzzled.  The Official Buffalo Wild Wings Facebook page has an ongoing post dated April 22 stating that the Captain Morgan sauce (along with fellow retired smoky southwestern) will return if the post is “liked” 5,000 times.  The post was “liked” 13,043 times.  Hallelujah.


To ensure that this was real, I did what any other crazy food fan would do, I called my local Short Pump Buffalo Wild Wings.

A happy reply to my question, “Yes we do” was the best thing I have heard all day long.

It’s official,  B-Dubs is re-introducing the sauce back into the mouths of long-awaited customers.



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