Sunday brunch.  It seems as if the world stops on Sunday, sips a mimosa and happily procrastinates the thought of an upcoming Monday.

Weezie’s is a small casual (and cheap) restaurant in the trendy and quaint area of Carytown.

I have been there before, but never on a Sunday afternoon.  After we waited about two minutes at the bar, we were seated at our table.  My dining companion ordered the pancakes ($8)-  which she had raved about and I settled on the eggs benedict ($9). As we sat waiting for our food, we eyed the local art on the walls (which are for sale), eagerly waited for our food, and  got lost in all of the commotion of the small dining room. Ok, ok, earlier I said Carytown was a hipster mecca, but this Sunday, there was a variety of different patrons.  There were young couples on a double brunch date, hipsters,  families, to a loud (loud) group of mimosa downing diners- everyone was here. I knew something had to be amazing about Weezie’s brunch.

After a short time our food arrived.  My companions’ dish looked pleasantly standard, three medium pancakes, sausage patties, and a fruit cup.  My eggs benedict looked pretty typical as well.   Now, I have had eggs benedict many times.   I have had the good, the bad, and the ugly.    Weezie’s did surprise me, they were pretty damn good.  The surprise came from the warm buttery english muffin that lay underneath the large poached egg, ham, and rich hollandaise sauce.  I have never had eggs benedict that took all the focus off the egg and onto the bread.  The english muffin was delicious.  It flowed the sweetness of the dish perfectly, and there was no soggy texture to the muffin.  Home fries and fruit accompanied the dish.  They were cut small and still had potato skin on- which I did enjoy.  The fruit was my least favorite, it was a bit soggy.  It reminded me of the flavorless pale fruit of one of those bulk size frozen fruit packages you could get at Costco.  I did get a chance to get a bite of my companions pancake- after I took a bite I knew why she had raved over them.  They were sweet, light, and buttery- you definitely knew these were made from scratch (no Bisquick here).

I overall loved my meal, it was simple and delicious.  The atmosphere and yummy brunch dishes of Weezie’s Kitchen on a Sunday is just more  proof that this day should be celebrated.

Weezie's Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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